Makoto-Pro intends to spread Japanese culture correctly to the world.

I, Motokatsu Suzuki is a samurai actor. And it evolved into a method actor. My film in Japan, TV, CM, the stage will be over 100.

Especially in the performance of the historical drama and the appearance in the sword fight, it is often to appear in Japanese top movies and TV dramas.

In the murder (in Japan, doing actions with Japanese swords, traditional action) I have been practicing for 13 years under the teacher Mr. Shiro Hayashi.

<A photograph that is cutting a roll with a real sword>

He is a murderer in the big drama of NHK for 50 years, and he is the best Japanese murderer in Japan. I was able to appear in many movies and TV dramas thanks to him taught from basics to mystery by him. At present, in order to nurture a lot of backwards, we have set up a class of sword fighting, and we are working on spreading tradition and technology to the world.

My best career success is “Nobunaga Concerto”. In this work, as a vice president of Nobunaga, he regularly appeared. As well as the scene of the sword fight, as well as the work of the period drama is necessary, I performed them perfectly, it was a big reputation for the director Mr. Matsuyama and the production staff.

<Photo of Shirou Hayashi>

<Picture and URL at the appearance of Nobunaga Concerto>

This TV program will be on air at 9:00 on Monday, so it is called the popular month 9. At that time Moon 9 had many romantic dramas, but for the first time in 2014 I broadcast a historical drama. Their reputation was climbing eel, we received a lot of evaluations as challenging and interesting. The initial audience rating is 15.8%


The average was 12.7%. 15.24 million people have seen it. Very good figures. Thanks to this reputation, “Nobunaga Concerto” was made into a movie from the TV series.

<Nobunaga concerto film version appeared>

In the movie version “Nobunaga Concerto”, (Director is Matsuyama Director as well as TV series.) I did a vassal of Mitsuhide Akechi. This Akechi Mitsuhide is a historical fact, it is regarded as a person who betrayed the monarch’s Nobunaga Oda with “Honnōji Temple change”. I did the vassal of the person who caused the coup. It is a very important role (this story is manga’s original, it is set differently from historical fact.The story is based on the history if history.A summary is the fact that Akechi Mitsuhide is really true Nobunaga Nobunaga of Nobunaga, Nobunaga was a human being who came from the future.Therefore it is setting that Nobunaga was able to do various innovations and be said to be the champion of the Warring States Period.) Nobunaga of the hero The scene which admonizes “Do not run away and fight together” was the most important. By this, Nobunaga will beat Mitsuhide.

In January 2016, the ranking of industrial revenue was ranked first, and the amount was 4.6 billion yen. Also, in fiscal 2016, we have a remarkable achievement of ninth place in profitable income.


The range of activities is not only in Japan and the United States, but also in Dubai, China.

Qing bi shan gao (2015)


This is a US-China cooperative film, with a budget of 70 million yuan(CNY) – the profitable revenue was $ 12,000 US $ -.

The trigger for the appearance of this movie was casting by the director of China at the time (Lucas) of Warner at that time, which was fascinated by my performance, in the production of the Japanese short film. Director Yi Wang also acclaimed that he is an actor he wants to do with him in the future.

In shooting, I used seriousness, so it was a Japanese sword that I could not handle if it was not me. It is not an exaggeration to say that this scene will not be established if I am not there.

<Photo at the time of appearance of Road to the sky>

From the director and Lucas, I received an offer for cranking in the year 2018 from last year. This movie is going to be a cooperation between the US and China.

Recently, Hollywood movies also appeared, and co-starred with Jarrett Letto “The Outsider”.


Method · Aquar. From Jarrett Leto I was told that “I am a method actor rather than me”. Ko iwagami, who casted me, told me that he is seriously working on role as top class in the US and Japan as well.

<When Appearance of The Outsider>

This movie is being released on Netflix. He has appeared in the first half, hurts the hero Jarrett, makes a kikake that will sprout friendship with Asano Tadanobu, is doing the role of a guard. It plays a very important role.

In this way, in order to acquire Japanese history and tradition and contribute to the Japanese film world, in order to further spread Japanese culture to the world, it is necessary to further refine fame and ability in Hollywood. And, if I am, I am confident that with technology and spirit you cultivated in Japan you can always succeed in Hollywood.

It is exactly “time is now” (a famous word Akechi Mitsuhide said at the time of Oda Nobunaga).